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A Pivot to Integrative Medicine

Once immersed in the whirl-wind that is conventional medicine, I observed a pattern that troubled me deeply. 

My patients, bearing the weight of chronic illnesses, walked through hospital doors only to find temporary reprieve. 

It wasn't just their diseases that cast a shadow on their well-being, but also the side effects of the very medications I prescribed.

This cycle of ailment and temporary fix was not the healing I envisioned in my oath.

A turning point came when my own lifestyle choices—products brimming with chemicals—came into question. 

The realization of their impact on our health, from hormones to mind-body wellbeing, was startling. 

I knew then, a transformation was imperative, beginning with myself. 

Embracing organic nutrition and fostering the mind-body connection, I embarked on a personal detoxification.

This shift transcended my life to influence my medical practice. With a desire to root my healing approach in holistic care, I sought out the knowledge available at  the University of Michigan and the University of Arizona's Andrew Weill Center for Integrative Medicine. 

As I interwove the principles of functional medicine with patient care, the change was palpable.

Weight loss, improved sleep, reduced stress, and a newfound ability to navigate life's pressures marked the new health trajectory for my patients.

Natura Integrative and Functional Medicine is committed to bringing functional medicine experts together for unparalleled care. 

Dr Karolina Skrzypek MD, MBA, ABOIM, FMACP, Acupuncture Physician

Katarzyna "Kasia" Rusnak, and Health coach Beata Soliman, are specialists who combine their experience and expertise to offer world-class integrative and functional medicine care.

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