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Dr. Karolina is a gem of a doctor. For years I’d been dealing with a reactive approach to my health issues. I needed answers and came up short…until I found Dr. Karolina and her team. With patience, responsiveness, diligence and knowledge, she helped me uncover the root problems, finally providing the clarity I’d been seeking for years. She leaves no stone unturned, breaks everything down in a digestible way and actually solves problems - with custom treatment. If you’re searching for real answers, real results, look no further.

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Dr. Karolina has helped me to understand my health in a more complete way. My hormones are balanced and I feel amazing. She always takes her time to explain testing that is done…and recommends supplements, explaining in detail what each one is for. I feel very comfortable discussing my health questions and concerns with her, and her knowledge is truly astounding! Grateful to be working with her.

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Had a great first visit with Dr karolyna. She was very thorough in explaining everything in my reports and what she's recommending and why. She gave me a lot of Info about what I should look for when picking ingredients and products. It was a very informative visit. I have never had a doctor sit down and spend over an hour talking to me and explaining things.

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I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Skrzypek. She takes her time and gets to know you in order to provide a customized health plan. She is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help answer any questions I have. I have noticed a significant improvement in my health and can’t thank her enough for it.

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Beata Arvola gives Natura Integrative and Functional Medicine LLC 5 stars rating

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Dr. Skrzypek is kind and conscientious with her patients. I have had the privilege of collaborating treatment with her regarding several of our shared patients. I can rely on her providing quality care.

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Dr. Karolina is by far one of the most genuine and knowledgeable doctors one could meet. She is attentive to detail in every way. If you want quality care, choose her!

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Joanna Skrzypek gives Natura Integrative and Functional Medicine LLC 5 stars rating

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I’m glad to say that I finally found a doctor who will actively listen. Not just a quick 15 min and giving you a diagnosis, but a thorough 1 + hour. Dr.S asks about details, concerns and understanding in order to get to the root cause of the issue.

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Dr. S is a thorough, compassionate and reassuring physician. She spends her time with you unlike many health care providers who make you feel like you are trying to beat the clock to get in all your concerns. Integrative medicine is not an overnight fix, but Dr. S has the tools available to peel back the layers and restore a healthy baseline without the emphasis of pharmaceuticals as the key intervention. If you are at a dead end in your healthcare progression- she is definitely a great resource to regain your health back!

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The doctor is kind and knowledgeable. I highly recommend.

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Compassionate & Informative. She does an amazing job in communicating and breaking everything down for you. I highly recommend her!!!

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Dr. Skrzypek is a caring and knowledgeable physician. Her integrative and functional approach is comprehensive and completely patient centered. She truly takes the time necessary to accurately diagnosis and treat each patient. I highly recommend Natura Integrative and Functional Medicine.

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We are looking forward to working with Dr. Skrzypek on finding the root cause of our daughters health issues. Weve been looking for a functional medicine practitioner for a while. She is passionate about her work and we love her wholistic approach in helping patients.

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I was so excited to visit Natura Integrative and Functional Medicine and to see Dr Karolina Skrzypek, as I was looking for a holistic physician for many different reasons. Dr Skrzypek went above & beyond my expectations and accommodated me quickly with the appointment. She is very passionate about what she is doing, dedicated and professional, but most importantly, she listens and takes time to explain everything and thus, she truly provides a personalized and nurturing care to her patients. The most, I loved the fact that Dr Skrzypek pinpointed the possible root cause of one of my “symptoms”, which is so critical for me to know, and no other doctor was able to provide this info to me earlier. Dr Skrzypek ordered couple of tests and I can’t wait on the detailed results of my blood work and start from there. Through this positive experience, I learned we need more physicians like Dr Skrzypek! I also wish more patients would gear towards the holistic natural medicine and realize the importance of the root cause of their health issue to cure it versus relying on drug prescriptions too often to just camouflage the symptom temporarily, but not truly healing it. As Dr Skrzypek is bilingual, fluent in Polish and English, I’m looking forward to bring my dad to Nature Integrative & Functional Medicine to determine the root cause of his health issues. He is hesitant to see any doctor, but I am sure the personalized visit Dr Skrzypek offers is what he needs. :-) I highly recommend this place to any patient.

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