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Do you take insurance?

   At this time we don't accept insurance but your insurance may cover many of the lab and imaging studies that we may have to order.

Will Dr Skrzypek have access to my medical records from other providers or health systems?

   At this time, we don't have any integrations to be able to view your medical records from other providers or health systems. If possible please email your health records to us before your appointment at or upload them to your patient portal. We can also request records from your providers. 

How Long does it take for functional labs to be resulted?

Functional Lab tests can take a few week to get resulted.

Can Dr Skrzypek be my primary care doctor?

Although our approach to your health is holistic and comprehensive we can't function as your primary care physician and therefore we encourage you to maintain your relationship with your primary care physician and to obtain routine health exams and screening tests.

How will I be treated?

Each person' s treatment plans will be individualize and can include various approach such as herbs, supplements, medications and other alternative treatments.

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